1. Team Fun is returning from hibernation presenting a mix by Jeffrey Scott for the eighth edition of our ‘cast. Jeff is truly a jack of all trades in the dance circuit. His sets are always well thought out and quite different. Jeff has broad musical tastes and the chops to deliver. Others must agree: Jeff holds down residences for Sheik ā€˜Nā€™ Beik and Resolute two well respected underground parties.

    For this mix Jeff lays down a quirky set laced with jammin disco house. We couldn’t be more happy. Recorded live in Brooklyn - vinyls only - special sunset jammz. Enjoy


  2. Recorded live at the inaugural edition of Sublimate a new Brooklyn party dedicated to bring you quality underground house and techno. Here we present an excerpt of I am vs. Dahlia’s whopping three hour closing set. The first party was a massive success and their set provided the perfect vibes to closeout the party and bring on the sunrise. Enjoy!


  3. We are quite happy to present the seventh installment of Team Fun Radio featuring Faso vs. Sagotsky. Faso can be found regularly DJing parties all over NYC including his residency at Discovery - an ongoing Brooklyn party of epic grooviness. Ever since Sagotsky found Faso in the dense forests of Brooklyn (I think they were serving burritos out of a hut) he has been an original member of the Team Fun crew. This energetic b2b mix includes a little bit of everything that makes house so groovy from deep house, to disco house, to the choicest minimal - they laid out quite the set.

    Diggin’ this ‘cast??! You can catch Faso and Sagotsky throwing down some wax for the first edition of Sublimate with Sycorax (live) this coming Friday, November 22nd. Be there - it is going to be tight!
    [ RA | Facebook ]

    This weekend you can also catch Faso playing alongside Free Magic for their party, Discovery with Norm Talley and Tyree Cooper on Saturday, 16 November.

    Team Fun Radio was recorded live in Brooklyn, vinyls only, at Team Fun BBQ.


  4. For the sixth installment of Team Fun we are excited to feature 12 x 12. 12 x 12 co-runs Voodoo Down Records. This special imprint is more than just an outlet for the Voodoo Down team and features choice cuts from artists such as October, STL, and Anton Zap. Aside from label duties and producing, 12 x 12 is a prime selector behind the decks. You can expect to hear expertly mixed deep house and minimal, along with some funky fresh disco house tracks in this special sunset set. We feel rather fortunate to have had the opportunity to present this set before 12 x 12 moves from Brooklyn to Berlin and we wish him the best of luck!

    Team Fun Radio was recorded live in Brooklyn, vinyls only, at Team Fun BBQ.


  5. After a brief hiatus Team Fun Radio is back for our fifth installment with another o.g. Team Funster, Ephraim. When Ephraim’s not busy slicing brain tissue in the labs or diagnosing medical charts he spends his time digging for vinyl and spinning tracks. Ephraim is the sort of DJ you can expect to hear a little bit of everything from dub, to detroit house, to tropical beats and this special mix is no exception.

    Team Fun Radio was recorded live in Brooklyn, vinyls only, at Team Fun BBQ.


  6. Team Fun is thrilled to unveil its fourth ‘cast featuring Sagotsky. Matt currently spends his days and nights in Brooklyn worrying about which records to wax sublime. Expect to hear some new tunes… some classics… deep, minimal, groovy disco HOUSE from this Team Fun household staple. This opening set was recorded live, vinyls only at Team Fun BBQ. Please enjoy the show!


  7. Seriously… Beto is legit. His DJ sets never fail to impress. We’re thrilled to present an outstanding daytime set by Beto Cravioto for our third podcast.

    Over the past year Beto Cravioto has become one of New York’s premiere DJ talents, bringing his special brand of deephouse and disco to some of the best parties in the city, including his own Kaviar Disco Club nights. His mostly vinyl DJ sets are always a treat & have impressed just about everyone. For how little time he’s been around, he’s already shared the decks with a wide range of dj’s. From Fred Falke to Tanner Ross.

    All the while Beto was impressing people on the dance floor he was quietly laboring in the studio, finding his own sound. “No Social Culture” is his first actual release so it was only natural that he teamed up with Justin Strauss and studio partner Bryan Mette (Whatever / Whatever) to bring this slow disco groover to its optimum place.

    Team Fun Radio was recorded live in the mix, vinyls only, at Team Fun BBQ.



  8. For our second ‘cast, Team Fun Radio is delighted to present a set from I am, we are. Hailing from Puerto Rico and recently settling down in Brooklyn, I am is part of the original Team Fun crew. Expect to hear quality minimal house cuts mixed with acid house, dub techno, or pretty much anything heady with a solid groove and kick. I am, we are also designs elegant, and trippy visual geometry, which one could imagine perfectly complimenting his DJ style and antics.

    Team Fun Radio was recorded live in the mix, vinyls only, at Team Fun BBQ.



  9. Team Fun Radio is proud to present a special set from Soul 2 Seoul for our first podcast. Their minimalist bio, “half Korean, half African, half American” may leave you wondering what to expect, but have no fear this NJ born - NY bred dj duo knows how to keep it real - real groovy that is! They also run the freshly minted label Basement Floor, whose first release is a definite TIP in my book.

    Team Fun Radio was recorded live in the mix, vinyls only, at Team Fun BBQ.

    Enjoy the show!